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ch – chain
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
sts – stitches
The pattern
ch approximately 16 stitches, depending on the size of your finger.** Join into a ring using a sl st.
round 1. sc 16*  into the ring, join with sl st
rounds 2 – 6. 
ch 1, sc 16* around, join with sl st
Cut your yarn, leaving an inch or two of a tail. Draw the tail through your final loop and weave in ends. Trim tails to finish.
**Wrap the chain around your finger to see how many stitches works best on the finger you’re making the ring for to test it.
*or whatever number of stitches you went with in your initial chain.

If you’re really new to crochet, here’s what getting the setup rows started will look like. First, chain 16(ish) stitches.
Join the end of the chain to the beginning of the chain with a slip stitch, forming a ring.

Chain 1 and then single crochet 16(ish) stitches into the center of the ring, joining them together with a slip stitch. Stuck? For more beginner tips on crocheting in the round, I recommend this tutorial

After that, you’ll just crochet a few more rounds as normal, alternating colors if you wish. When you’ve woven in your ends, you might want to use a coat of Scotchgard to project your finished rings from getting dirty, but that’s totally optional.
Of the designs I experimented with, I like the single centered accent color, and the ring that’s half yellow and half blue the best :). What color combos would you like to try?

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