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Motivo coração 
RH 4 ply Color A = Aran, Color B = Country Blue, Color C = Country Rose 
Crochet Hook: Size F or size needed for gauge. Size G for edging.
Gauge: Each Square = 6" 
1. Each Bullion St. should be 1" long. 
2. Skill level: Intermediate.
Pattern Stitches
Bullion Stitch (Bullion):
Yo 15 times LOOSELY, EVENLY, insert hook into next st, yo, draw up a loop, even with the 15 loops, yo, draw through all 17 loops, (wiggling the hook and rolling the yarn back and forth) - Bullion made.  
Bullion Stitch giving you fits?  Try this link
W/ Color C ch 4, join w/sl st.
Round 1: 
Ch 3, (10 yo bullion, ch1) 12 times.  Join w/sl st in 1st ch 1.  FO
Round 2: 
W/ Color A join with sl st in ch 1 sp between 2 bullions. Ch 1, sc, ch 5, sk 2 bullions, sc in next ch 1 sp, (ch 3, sk 2 bullions, sc in next ch 1 sp) twice.  For point; ch 3, sc in same ch 1 sp.  Work (ch 3, sk 2 bullions, sc in next ch 1 sp) twice, ch 5, sl st in 1st ch 1 sp. 

Round 3:
Sl st in next ch 5 sp, (sc twice, hdc twice, dc 3 times), 2 dc in sc, in next ch 3 sp work (dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc), sc in sc, in next ch 3 sp work 3 sc, in next ch 3 sp work (sc, ch 3, sc) (point), in next ch 3 sp work 3 sc, sc in sc, in next ch 3 sp work (2 sc, 2 hdc, dc), 2 dc in next sc, in ch 5 sp 3 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc, sl st, sl st in 1st sl st.

Round 4: 
(Ch 3, sl st) in next st around to point, working ch 3, sl st, ch 3 in point.  (Sl st in next st, ch 3), around, join w/ sl st to first sl st.
Block edges of heart, being careful not to press bullions.  

Color B Square:
Ch 4, join w/ sl st

Round 1: 
Ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, (3 dc, ch 2) 3 times, join w/ sl st in top of ch 3.

Round 2:
Ch 3, dc in next 2 st, in ch 2 sp work corner(2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc), dc in next 3 dc, work corner.  Continue around.  Join w/ sl st.

Round 3-5:
Continue in this matter until you have a 6 inch square.

Round 6:
W/ size G work sc across, 3 sc in corners.
Finish off and weave in all ends.
Sew heart to square.

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