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The Popcorn Stitch Crochet Flower

Crochet Pattern by B. Hooked Crochet, Copyright 2013.
Please do not copy, sell or redistribute this pattern without first obtaining my permission. Items produced using this pattern may be sold, however please do not use the photo above.
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
  • Crochet hook size I (5.5mm)
  • Any worsted weight yarn (4)
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Chain (ch)
  • Slip Stitch (slst)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Popcorn Stitch (pc)
Pattern Notes: 
The popcorn stitch is formed by double crocheting 5 times in the same stitch, removing the hook from your 5th double crochet loop, inserting it through your first double crochet stitch and grabbing the 5th double crochet loop through the back and pulling it through. You will then fasten the popcorn stitch off by chaining one. Please refer to this video tutorial for guidance. You can do as many rounds as desired with this pattern. My example shown above has 4 rounds.
Round #1: Create a slip knot and ch 2. Sc 8 times in the chain next to the hook and join with a slst forming a ring. (8 stitches)
Round #2: Ch 3 and form a popcorn stitch in the same stitch as your ch 3. Close your popcorn stitch by chaining 1. Make a popcorn stitch in each sc stitch all the way around your loop. (8 popcorn stitches=8 petals) Join with a slst into the bottom ch 3 of the first petal of this round. Refer to the image below to see where to join with the slst (the image is completing round 3 but the joining site is exactly the same for round 2).

Round #3: Chain 3 and form a popcorn in the same stitch. Close the popcorn stitch by chaining 1. (you will add one more popcorn stitch to this section at the end of the round). *Create two popcorn stitches between the next two petals from the second round. You will insert your hook under the chain that closed off your popcorn stitches. Repeat all the way around and finish off the round by adding one more popcorn stitch between the petals where the first popcorn stitch was made. Join with a Slst into the ch 3 of the first popcorn stitch.  (16 popcorn stitches=16 petals). Refer to the image below to see where to insert your hook for the two popcorn stitches.

You will only need to complete three rounds  if you plan on making a motif out of your flower. I am planning on making a flowers motif bag out of my squares. This is what your flower will look like as a square motif.

If you plan on making a much larger flower you can do so following  the rules of crocheting in the round. For example, for round #4 you will create a single popcorn in between one set of petals and then create two popcorn stitches  in between the next two and repeat this pattern all the way around. For round #5 you would create one popcorn stitch in between the petals twice and then two popcorn stitches in between the next two and so on.
As usual, once you have reached your desired size, weave in your ends and you’re done!

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